3 | Materials solutions for low-carbon energy

Use case 3

The need for new materials and processing routes is overriding, as new efficient and cost-competitive energy technologies are urgently needed. The challenge is to combine advanced theoretical and applied physical chemistry/materials science data, as well as data on the life cycle of materials and material compounds, with next-generation computing infrastructures, artificial intelligence, and robotic tools. The aim is to create a fully integrated approach.

Materials research is characterized by intense multidisciplinary research, in which converging technology and cooperation should be exploited to speed up research activities. However, this is not always the case. Extremely different technological fields, each of them with its own terminology, procedures and standards for research activities, had made that challenge all the more difficult.

Therefore, it can be said that in the field of materials for energy data:

  • Openness is low to medium
  • Reusability is low to medium
  • Barriers are high

This use case has various goals:

  • Bring data outside of laboratories and share it at large through the energy research community
  • Avoid the duplication of materials research activities and speed up the current efforts in the field
  • Increase the understanding of how energy systems could benefit from existing and new materials