2 | Power transmission and distribution networks

Use case 2

The growth of renewable energies requires improved grid sustainability and resilience. This will imply changes in the way power transmission and distribution networks are operating. The grid of the future will require advances in transmission and distribution system management, with algorithms to control and optimise how power is transmitted and distributed through the grid.

Until now it has been difficult to develop the necessary algorithms due to the lack of high-fidelity, public, and large-scale data that realistically represent current and evolving grid properties.

The use case in Power Transmission enables more productive research collaborations. On a higher level, it will improve the integration of renewable electricity into the grid, which would help reduce reliance on carbon-emitting fossil fuel generation. The use case mimics the characteristics of the actual energy grid without disclosing sensitive information.

More specifically, the goals it aims to achieve are:

  • Creating a library of publicly available test data from prominent power system related organisations.
  • Validating use cases and the associated data toward the proposed EERAData FAIR/O ecosystem, especially on the impact of renewable energy on the low carbon energy system transformation.