The goal of the EERAdata project is to develop, explore, and test a FAIR and open data ecosystem for low-carbon energy research data, where FAIR stands for F-indable, A-ccessible, I-nteroperable, R-e-usable. More specifically, the goal of EERAdata will be pursued through:

Promoting the opening and FAIRification of a subset out of 50 databases

EERAdata will engage in an intensive dialogue with stakeholders of databases to open their data and foster a mental shift in the low-carbon energy research community. The consortium has designed four use cases, for which they will jointly discuss and suggest FAIR and open data standards:

  • Buildings efficiency
  • Power transmission & distribution networks
  • Material solutions for low-carbon energy
  • Low-carbon energy and energy efficiency policies

Use cases
Developing a community platform as an entry point for both data providers and users

The platform will build on and link to existing platforms, providing a unified and seamless access to relevant energy data repositories. The platform will not duplicate resources but will establish a technical interface to access a variety of resources stored by database providers and using standard web formats. EERAdata aspires to develop the platform into a reference point for community-agreed standards and projects of common interest for opening and FAIRifying low-carbon energy research data.

Community Platform
Building technical, operational, financial capacities for managing FAIR and open data

EERAdata will engage the broad low-carbon energy research community through a systematic workshop concept. The workshops will address domain experts as well as experts for FAIR and open data, who will jointly develop and test the ecosystem and the community platform. Ultimate goals are to create a pool of experts and FAIR data stewards and provide information and training elements tailored to the needs of the low-carbon energy research community.

Coordinating the management of data in the energy field within the EERA and beyond

EERAdata targets to build a critical mass to explore the prospects of FAIR and open data in the energy domain and provide recommendations to the scientific community and policymakers. The project links to twelve national initiatives in the energy domain, to the European Open Science Cloud, and further international initiatives. The project also involves the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA).