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Eera event 15-17 March 2022 - Online

Workshop N°4: “Supporting technologies for FAIRification"

The fourth EERAdata Workshop is a 3-day event taking place from Tue 15 - Thu 17 March, 2022. It is conceived as a hands-on workshop and discussion event complemented with external inputs given by invited contributors. Organized as a hybrid meeting, the workshop will be hosted by the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology in Vienna and by the EERA Secretariat online. Given the expected pandemic-related restrictions and safety regulations, only a core group of the EERAdata project team will gather in person at the AIT. All other participants will be able to participate online upon registration.


  • Explore and discuss tools that support a FAIR and open database infrastructure
  • Agree on supporting technologies to be implemented and work on the community platform concept

Read and watch ahead

In preperation of WS4, four Mini-Workshops where held from the 6th December 2021 to the 17th December 2021.The content of these workshops can be found here: Mini-Workshops

Day 1: 15 March 2022

On the first day we adopt the perspective of database holders, focusing on those who are willing to create a FAIR database from scratch, following the FAIR criteria as far as possible. We build on good practice inputs and will discuss and develop a FAIRification workflow for an example database.

Day 2: 16 March 2022

On the second day we shift the attention to database users who face barriers to use an external database efficiently. Focusing on cases from the EERAdata Use Cases, we identify concrete issues related with the FAIR principles and elaborate workflows to improve on selected FAIR criteria, and test first support tools developed in EERAdata.

Day 3: 17 March 2022

On the third day we focus on machine actionability of databases and provide a short crash course on APIs, their basic functionality, on why machines need them, and on how to use them as an energy data scientist. Finally, next steps for the implementation of the EERAdata platform and an outlook on the third year of the EERAdata project is given.

IMPORTANT: The agenda is still being updated. For the latest and most detailed information, please make sure to check this link

Practical information


15 Mar 2022 - 17 Mar 2022


10:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Manfred Paier