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Partner event 08-11 November 2021 - Seoul, South Korea

International Data Week 2021

About the International Data Week

The International Data Week 2021 comprises two important events: the 18th RDA Plenary and SciDataCon 2021. SciDataCon is a conference for peer-reviewed research and practice presentations, which covers all aspects of the role of data in research, society and policy. Similarly to the core themes of data science and data stewardship, Open Science, and FAIR data and service, SciDataCon shared high-level themes within the framework of the International Data Week. 

SciDataCon 2021

The overarching theme of IDW 2021 and SciDataCon is Data to Improve our World. In our post-pandemic future, humanity has an opportunity and obligation to address major challenges, including climate change, sustainable development, and disaster risk reduction. The digital revolution and the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, the methods and practices of Open Science, and of FAIR data and services, give humanity the tools to do so. Embracing these possibilities requires engagement with society, rigorous research methods, and good practice in data science and data stewardship. The theme Data to Improve our World explores the nexus of these issues.

The high-level themes of IDW 2021 and SciDataCon include:

  • Data to improve our world: the role of data ro address global challenges
  • The state of Open Science globally 
  • Research transparency, accountability, and reproducibility
  • Data, research and industry: the interface between data-intensive research and innovation
  • Science and society: engagement and participation
  • Empowering and enabling society: data science and stewardship education and data literacy

Practical information


08 Nov 2021 - 11 Nov 2021


Maria Luisa Fernandez Vanoni