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News 27 September 2022

EERAdata Survey: The relevance of FAIR data management, usage and sharing in policy-making processes

The Horizon 2020 EERAdata project develops, explores and tests a FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, re-usable) and open data ecosystem in the field of low-carbon energy for a transparent and integrated energy data management with useful metadata information and quality assurance as a basis for the society to choose, monitor and implement sustainable transition pathways. This challenge addresses stakeholders’ needs in the rapidly changing energy field, including the availability of relevant data and information.

To meet these aims we are gathering the views and opinions of policymakers and data users and producers on how energy data is found and processed in policies and how it can be improved.

Therefore, we are asking interested participants to fill out the questionnaire at this link: here. The information provided will contribute to improvements of the FAIRification process in the energy community.

The questionnaire can be answered anonymously and all individual responses will be held confidential and secure, for use only by the EERAdata project. Interested respondents may opt to provide a contact data (email address) to obtain further information on EERAdata’s ongoing work on data management and its implementation.

Answer the EERAdata survey