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News 04 June 2020 - Online

EERAdata successfully held its first workshop

From June 2 to 4, EERAdata has held its first workshop on FAIR and open (FAIR/O) principles and metadata for low carbon energy.

The workshop, organised in the form of a hackathon, had the following objectives:

  • Learn about FAIR and open data practices in the energy and other research communities;
  • Choose selected databases to be investigated in use cases. Discuss and summarize the reasons for selection.
  • Analyze the state of FAIR/O principles for the selected database (with the help of the questionnaire and FAIR/O assessment tools).
  • Evaluate the state of FAIR/O principles for the metadata of selected databases.
  • Suggest general principles for the design of metadata (use-case- and domain-specific),
  • Discuss top-level metadata adhering to FAIR/O principles (use-case- and domain-specific),
  • Learn about the FAIRification of Data Management Plans (DMP).

During the first day, the participants listened to a series of online lectures giving the context to the fair and open data environment, mapping the current state of the field. 

On the second day, four parallel rooms were created to host a discussion about the specific use cases envisioned by the project. Each room defined the gaps and the challenges per use case.

The four rooms reported the results of the previous sessions on the third day, which were followed by an introduction to the Data Management Plans and best practices identified by the EERAdata consortium.

Among the conclusions, the workshop underlined the need for shared data and metadata standards in the low carbon energy research community. 

More information regarding the results of the workshop and the visual content produced by the graphic facilitator are publicly available on the project Wiki