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News 22 April 2021

What makes the energy data space special?

EERAdata was selected to present at the ETIP SNET 11th Regional Workshop. Taking part in the parallel session, Digitalisation: Managing energy data and Cyber security, EERAdata highlighted the importance of FAIR and open data as a prerequisite for digitization of the energy sector. 

On 21 April, ETIP SNET, the European Technology & Innovation Platform Smart Networks for Energy Transition, hosted its 11th Regional Workshop aimed at eliciting input to the upcoming revision of its roadmap and implementation plans in December. The purpose was to ensure consistency between national and European views and to stimulate knowledge-sharing between the various stakeholders from industry and academia, as well as among Member States and Associated Countries. 

This edition of the ETIP SNET regional workshop presented national and regional EU funded R&I projects of added value addressing energy system integration issues along four thematic categories:  
1. Electromobility integration in the energy system 
2. Cooperation between energy system operators 
3. Digitalisation: Managing energy data and Cyber security
4. Consumer involvement, citizen engagement, and energy communities 

EERAdata was selected among several candidates to introduce the project and to highlight how an open and FAIR energy data ecosystem is crucial for digitisation. Without these principles, the deployment of data across different levels of granularity, different disciplines, different data formats, etc. is not possible and data will not become the asset that everybody is envisioning.

The discussion in the session on Digitalisation: Managing energy data and Cyber security highlighted that the integration of heterogenous data from the energy sector with those of other sectors is pivotal and that technology solutions and digital use cases should be user centric. Other keywords brought up in the discussion included the necessity of machine-actionability, real-time data access, data protection, licensing, and certification, as well as the need for one-stop data platforms that provide seamless access to data and metadata.