Community platform

The EERAdata Community Platform will represent a web-based entry point for the low carbon energy research community to access relevant databases in a uniform and seamless way.

EERAdata platform

 The platform will serve as a discussion tool for the community, to develop and discuss the ecosystem for findability, accessibility, interoperability, re-usability and openness (FAIR/O) of data in energy research, such as joint ontologies, metadata standards, assessment criteria, etc.

Conceived as a single database entity providing systematic access to external repositories, it will allow interested users to research data and get access to a variety of resources held by the cooperating database providers linked to the platform.

The EERAdata Community Platform will benefit energy data providers and users in various ways by having access to:

1. Fast and easy research of data and metadata

2. A facilitated interoperability of data and metadata from different disciplines

3. Integrated new research datasets available on open data repositories

The platform will be implemented and adapted using standard, open-source software. It will enable harmonized access to external repositories, while employing lean web technologies to facilitate future machine-actionability.

A community forum will be embedded in the platform to facilitate the development of harmonized use case-specific metadata, as well as the exchange of general knowledge with the wider low carbon energy community.

The EERAdata Community Platform will be designed in compliance with the rules of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) initiative and is to become eligible as a service provider on the EOSC portal as soon as it is operative.